Anonymous burial without celebration & relatives

including all fees – no additional costs

There are many good reasons for an anonymous burial. The close relatives who could take care of the burial and later the grave site are often missing. Sometimes people are identified as being subject to burial. And costs almost always play a role. In all cases, we take care of the anonymous cremation reliably and quickly at the fixed costs agreed in advance.

  • Collection of the deceased
  • Transfer to refrigeration
  • Transfer wagons and carriers
  • Pine coffin with coffin rash
  • Blanket set (blanket + pillow)
  • 1 death certificate
  • Completion of all formalities (registration at the registry office or application for a death certificate, de-registration, return of the KK card, return of the severely disabled pass)
  • Official Fees
  • crematorium fee
  • Cemetery Fees

This offer would cost €1,045 including VAT.

There are no additional costs for this offer, the cemetery (on the outskirts of Berlin) is selected by us and the offer is valid without a fixed date and without the presence of relatives.

Do you have any questions or requests? Simply use the contact form or call.

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